Our Story

The story of our professional team began over 12 years ago and took a very dramatic technological leap forward when we were asked to develop a large translation “ APPs “ordering platform for a leading Global Finnish Manufacturing Company.

The application was needed to manage translations for a complex and large multi user base, located across different time zones.

The project brief was formulated in a very detailed 45 pages Service Level Agreement document, covering all the features needed and with strict timetable translation delivery procedures – Urgent (4 hours), Fast (1-5 days), Normal (1-2 weeks).

The speed at which we managed to develop the customized solution even took us by surprise and gave birth to our first SaaS cloud based application. The client highly praised our product. They very quickly obtained significant savings in both time (50%) and costs (30%) thanks to the easy friendly to use application and the integration of all their translations into a single TMs data base.

This project provided us with a ‘Real Life Laboratory'- experience and convinced us to develop a family of cloud based SaaS products. We also have now a better understanding on how to provide solutions for large businesses to efficiently manage their translation workflow.

We are happy to share and pass on our successful development experience with our global clients.

The result: 1: We became 40 % quicker, saving project phase time. 2: The Translators had a maximum translation time for quality and checking. 3: The client saved 30 % on translation costs and had ERP for organisational extra savings. 4: A 100% transparent ordering system for the client and sub-Engineering offices. 5: Satisfied account users (Engineers, Technicians, Marketing Managers, Project Managers, HR Managers). 6: The client/purchaser has all aspects of project quality control to hand: Quotations, On-going projects, Actual delivery time promised (+ -) days, analyses for each project, Translation Memory sizes/language pairs and User Friendly feedback Query, helping to improve our services! 7: We became more price competitive and had real-life project experience on which to basis a repeat case, with any other Global companies’ requirements in the near future!

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