David Loevenbruck

Managing Director


I am a joint owner of The Local Word. I was born in France in 1971. I have been working in the translation industry since 2004. Since then I have been involved with the technological aspects of our industry: Training and providing technical support for internal and external staff alike, evaluating and implementing technological solutions, defining procedures for large and complex projects.

My education is in Computing and specifically in developing Web based Applications.  I have been playing with computer code since I was 11, using MS BASIC on a Thomson TO7. 

Today I ensure that our IT infrastructures keep running as smooth as possible and develop new tools to improve our services and support our customers.

When I’m not working you are likely to find me cycling or modifying Open Source software on my Linux box.

I speak 3 languages: French (native), English and Italian.

You are very welcome to contact me anytime you have technical problems.

Managing Director

Reijo Tevajärvi

Marketing Director


I am a joint owner of The Local Word, born 1960 in Southern Finland. My professional background; Commercial Business College and being a manufacturing entrepreneur at the early age of 28 with 16 factory employees, then working as a Sales Agent for a Norwegian company and then for a Swedish company. The international experience gave me technological and Industrial perspectives of B2B. I speak Finnish (native), English, Swedish, Norwegian and German.

In the translation business I have been working for 14 years at senior management level. Our customers are mostly engineers, documentation managers and marketing managers. From the young age of being a factory owner and having to communicate with the Manufacturing Industries in Finland, Germany and Sweden, then being a Key Account manager for Global Information projects, I have a clear vision of what The Local Word Translation Technology can offer for you today!

If you are interested in this business area and feel the urge to work with us, I am the one to contact for appointing new Sales Representatives who could introduce us into new European markets. Please do not hesitate to contact us! This could be your kick-start of something new!

Marketing Director

Ivan Deo



I'm a joint owner of The Local Word S.r.l. I was born in Italy in 1987. I have been working in the translation industry since 2006, first as a trainee technician. During that time I have learnt all the nut’s and bolts of the trade. Rapidly I have been assigned the supportive role for translators and more specifically, to project managers struggling with files and file formats on complex projects.

I have been using computers since I was 8 years old. At a young age I even set up local networks and solved all the computers problems for family, friends and neighbors. I am interested in everything around us that influences multimedia, imaging, computer graphics and small networks.

Today I take care of your AutoCAD, InDesign, XML, Frame Maker, Quark, etc. –files for translation and then converting them back into the original format, so you can just relax! We can handle any file format you can think of!

I speak 2 languages: Italian (native) and English.

Contact me if you have any problems handling file conversions or just come across with any weird file formats!


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