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For technical writers

Complex technical terminology at your fingertips, ensuring accurate, contextualised usage every time.

For marketing professionals

Set the style and tone for your business communications, for a clear, consistent message.

For other content creators

Consistency is the key: a translation management platform saves you having to hunt for product terminology, and you can be sure of finding the right term for your context.

TRANSCLOUD, THE LOCAL WORD translation cloud

A complete set of free tools to cover all your translation needs

Manage your professional translation projects easily with our tool suite

According to CSA Research's 15th annual comprehensive study of the global language service and technology industry, the language services market is growing year on year, and is expected to grow even further, by 6.62%, between 2018 and 2019.

This indicates that businesses are producing more and more content. The need for efficient procedures to manage multilingual text has never been greater: the risk of not addressing this issue means that quality, consistency and delivery time may soon be affected in a way that could damage your corporate image.

Why use TransCloud?

It’s an efficient, flexible, reliable way to improve your business communications. By centralising your core terminology at SmartTerms, the platform saves you valuable time, which means your message can reach its target more quickly. TransCloud’s capacity to handle any known file project makes it highly flexible and suitable for all kinds of digital content. Our highly reliable servers and free, fast-response support makes TransCloud a system you can rely on.

No licensing costs, no set-up charges, no customer lock-in. TransCloud is a FREE translation and localization management platform designed for communications professionals, from technical writers to digital content creators and marketing coordinators.


A complete package for complex translation projects


Our free, cloud-based solution and project management guarantees a trouble-free translation workflow

Communication history

The full history of your project and all communications between your team and the PM are always visible on the project page.

Volume reports

Download translation volume reports for any period or language combination, and keep track of your translation memory size.

Unlimited uploads

Unrestricted uploading of files of up to 5GB.

Free Support

Using our free ticket system you can resolve translation, file conversion or invoicing issues as soon as they arise.

Terminology management

Create and update multilingual glossaries complete with images and descriptions, to ensure consistent communications in all channels, for all stakeholders.

Cloud reliability with 99.9% uptime

TransCloud’s reliable high-performance servers ensure a very high level of availability.

MultiUser for large teams

Share and manage translation projects with multiple users.

Any known file format

You can upload any known file type for translation: our technical team will do the rest, returning the translated file in its original format.

MT Training

Once your translation memory reaches a certain size, you can train custom MTEs (machine translation engines) using your data.

10-year archive

TransCloud will store your translation files for 10 years, so you don’t have to worry about losing them!

One-click quotes

Receive a quote with full details of wordcount, and place the job order with just one click.


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